Comment fonctionne votre cerveau ?

Comment fonctionne le cerveau

The brain is composed of two hemispheres, the left and the right, each with its specific functions.
The left hemisphere handles logic, reasoning, decision making, the concrete and the conscious.
The right hemisphere handles imagination, intuition, creativity, dreams, the abstract and the unconscious.
Our blockages arise from a conflict between the conscious and unconscious; hence to work with the unconscious is the key to success.
The behaviour of the unconscious is formed during childhood, or subsequent to trauma, and consequently is often no longer adequate for current events. Since its function was to ensure the physical and psychic survival of the individual, protection barriers are set up. But these barriers paralyse the individual for the rest of his life. By managing inexistent situations, the unconscious creates behavioural patterns, symptoms, psychosomatic pain or stress.

The hypnotic state promotes exchanges between the two hemispheres, therefore favouring the creation of new behavioural patterns.


" Hypnosis does not under any circumstances replace medicine, either for diagnostic purposes or treatment. Moreover, treatments are always respected. In our practice you will find confidentiality, respect and empathy. "