Eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, hyperphagia

Polyphagia is a form of bulimia where the person, although not hungry, eats anything in large quantities over short periods, not worrying about putting on weight and with no desire to vomit. The subject will often feel ashamed, frustrated or annoyed with himself after the crises.

Bulimia is polyphagia accompanied by vomiting, a certain obsession about controlling weight increase and often intake of laxatives or diuretics. Such attacks when people eat in a compulsive manner, in large quantities with no hunger, often compensate for lack of affection. For some, reacting to frustrations, food takes on the role of an emotional anaesthetic.

Anorexia is an obsession with losing weight at any cost. Sufferers develop phobias regarding certain foods and exercise in an extreme way to stay as skinny as possible. Anorexic patients are often in denial and see themselves at least 10 kgs. heavier than reality.

Eating disorder problems can generally be treated in 5 or 6 sessions, except for the virtual gastric band which takes 3 sessions.

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