Douleurs Chroniques

The number of sessions varies from 1 to 6 depending on the case. During consultations for pain, you must provide an authorisation from your doctor as pain is a signal or a warning from your body.

To treat pain without determining the cause is dangerous and contrary to ethics. There are no secondary effects when Hypnosis is used to control pain, and it removes the feeling of desperation and dependence from which people suffer. The number of sessions varies from 1 to 6 according to the case.

Thanks to ground work done during the sessions with the therapist, and to the auto-hypnosis taught by the latter, you will be able to manage and reduce multiple pains such as muscular pains, migraines and abnormally painful menstrual cycles.

" Hypnosis does not under any circumstances replace medicine, either for diagnostic purposes or treatment. Moreover, treatments are always respected. In our practice you will find confidentiality, respect and empathy. "