To put an end to bad breath, dry mouth, coughing, morning choking and spluttering, hard to treat bronchitis, the reproaches of your children or even worse that they pick up the same habit, there is a recognised protocol in Integrative Hypnosis ® suitable no matter how many cigarettes you smoke a day.

With a success rate of 95%, no relapse months later or even years, this method has shown its’ worth.
The sessions are made to measure taking into account your habits and how you associated smoking with certain events in daily life such as the coffee break or an evening with friends. This system does not create disgust of smoking and enables you to continue your social life and frequent smokers without risk of relapse or being disturbed. Another great advantage is that there is no weight gain.
Since it is now established that the electronic cigarette is also harmful, our cabinet now proposes sessions for stopping the E-cigarette.




When a patient comes to stop smoking, often he is afraid to say he also smokes cannabis. In this case, it is not unusual that a few weeks later he will surprise himself by no longer smoking cannabis either.
However, in the case of heavy usage, a different technique is necessary, and one should count on 3 to 6 sessions to fully stop.


The Hypnotherapist will define with the patient the origin of his alcoholism for example: childhood problems, trauma, boredom, shortfalls, bad memories or quite simply over heavy social drinking. The 6 sessions to gain your freedom will be constructed according to your personal needs. The treatment will be progressive so as to avoid all risk of epilepsy seizure due to lack of drink, shaking, sweating or black ideas.


The Hypnotherapist will define the reason for your addiction to which ever drugs concerned (cocaine, codeine, sleeping pills ….) and will plan personalised sessions. It takes about 6 sessions to re-live and be totally free again. The treatment will be progressive so as to avoid all risk of epilepsy seizure due to lack of drugs, shaking, sweating or black ideas.

Games, screens, telephones

These addictions are more harmful than imagined but are easily treated. About 3 sessions are required to get back your social life, and normal behaviour, but still be able to play now and again.


Whether the problem be obsessive thoughts, voyeurism, excessive masturbation, impulses, or replacement of real relationships with an abusive use of internet sites, these addictions become over-powering. The Hypnotherapist will help you be free in only a couple of sessions.



  • Epilepsy
  • Schizophrenia
  • Psychoses
  • Serious cardiac problems
  • Severe depression
  • Paranoia

" Hypnosis does not under any circumstances replace medicine, either for diagnostic purposes or treatment. Moreover, treatments are always respected. In our practice you will find confidentiality, respect and empathy. "