Hypnothérapeute à Antibes

Hypnosis, a form of “hyper consciousness” which will help free your inner self hypnosis

Hypno Thérapeute Antibes

Spectacular results are obtained through hypnosis for stopping smoking and stress management. The latest studies in neuroscience, physical and mental care, enable the freeing of the spirit in order to recreate the neural connections in the mind and in so doing modify the unconscious patterns.

Everyone can be hypnotised; it’s a natural state and not some sort of gift, magic or esoteric science. The therapist adapts to each patient so that he may reach a hypnotic trance, which is simply an agreeable state of deep relaxation. It should be remembered that you are still in control of yourself, that you can hear and that you will remember the suggestions made by the therapist to your unconscious.
Each patient will master a form of rapid auto-hypnosis so as to reinforce and continue the therapy on himself. This method offers all the necessary tools for lasting behavioural change (and has the advantage of keeping the visits to the therapist to a minimum).
The one-off ‘quit smoking’ session has proven its worth with a success rate of 95% and no weight gain.

The weight loss program is not based on food dieting, which is inclined to encourage a sentiment of frustration and privation, and so is pleasant and healthy.

Indeed, adaptable to all life styles, the accent is on health, vitality, well-being all which in turn encourage physical exercise. Behavioural change happens through the modification of the relationship between the individual and food. By using the newly acquired energies thanks to the integrative procedures, one eliminates the negative images of self, and replaces them with other more positive and constructive ones.

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" Hypnosis does not under any circumstances replace medicine, either for diagnostic purposes or treatment. Moreover, treatments are always respected. In our practice you will find confidentiality, respect and empathy. "